Feb. 21-23rd, 2014

Burbank Airport Marriott, Los Angeles

BOLD 2014 will bring together members of the MDHL community for two days of classes and workshops, celebrating our third year as the world’s only MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather) conference.


Join for BOLD’s third anniversary as we celebrate MDHL and our third “leather” anniversary.

The core of the Male Dominant-Female slave/submissive dynamic is the relationships we build, with a basic recognition that BDSM as practiced by our community can be a healthy and positive expression of our sexual identity, needs, and desires. We further believe that leather serves as a cornerstone of community building in the BDSM lifestyle and focuses on honor, authenticity, and integrity.

This event is open to ALL members of the community.

In recognition of our third year, we will celebrate by looking forward to the future and back to our history as we explore, examine, understand Our Leather Roots.